Music I listened to in 2019

Below are the songs I got most excited about in 2019. The majority of these were NOT released in 2019 (some are quite old) -- they just occupied a significant portion of my listening time during the year. I've tried to keep the list concise. Albums First off, a few albums. Usually, I like one … Continue reading Music I listened to in 2019

New website!

I'm finally putting together a proper website with a mixture of static pages and blog entries. We're still in beta mode, but with time hopefully this will become part field notes, part open lab notebook, part research summary. With some extracurricular posts thrown in, as well (DIY, gardening, etc.). Thanks for checking it out!

VWC sensor hack

I needed to quantify volumetric water content for a water stress experiment I have going in the greenhouse, but jeez, even a relatively simple setup can cost a pretty penny ($300 -$500). So I went the DIY route. You don't want to skimp on quality for the actual sensor -- for repeated insertion in greenhouse … Continue reading VWC sensor hack