New website!

I'm finally putting together a proper website with a mixture of static pages and blog entries. We're still in beta mode, but with time hopefully this will become part field notes, part open lab notebook, part research summary. With some extracurricular posts thrown in, as well (DIY, gardening, etc.). Thanks for checking it out!

VWC sensor hack

I needed to quantify volumetric water content for a water stress experiment I have going in the greenhouse, but jeez, even a relatively simple setup can cost a pretty penny ($300 -$500). So I went the DIY route. You don't want to skimp on quality for the actual sensor -- for repeated insertion in greenhouse … Continue reading VWC sensor hack

Last Days in the Desert

Here is the (largely pictorial) summation of my last wanderings in the desert; please forgive my extreme procrastination.   Mexican Campion, Silene laciniata.  You can see a closely related N.C. species (Silene virginica) in my July 2011 post about the Southern Appalachians. Forefront: Century Plant, Agave havardiana In mid-October Ben, Alex and I headed up … Continue reading Last Days in the Desert

Rattlesnakes and Jewel Bugs

Blackfoot Daisy (Melampodium leucantham) The Silver Creek area of Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge So, what makes a desert? Lack of water, right? But why exactly do deserts lack water? There are a few possible explanations. Firstly, the simple fact of being far from the ocean, which is where most of the world’s atmospheric moisture originates, … Continue reading Rattlesnakes and Jewel Bugs